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Is your website being indexed by Google?

One of the best things you can do for search engine optimisation is to maintain a steady stream of new unique content to your website. But how do you know whether you've got Google's attention or not?

Answer? Use Google Alerts.

Google Alerts is a great tool provided by Google themselves, which allows you to find out when Google indexes your content.

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Get your keyword strategy right

As part of our work, we do a lot of website audits where we evaluate how well a website is designed to attract visitors and convert those visitors to sales or leads.

One of the most common problems we come across during the website audit process is that the keyword strategy on many websites is all wrong. Whatever the merits of the website from a search engine optimisation perspective, if the keywords are wrong, then the traffic coming to the website is not properly qualified, and visitors to the website are unlikely to convert.

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Google reigns supreme

Whenever I talk to clients about search engine optimisation and what they can do to improve their search engine rankings, I make sure I refer to "the major search engines" rather than getting specific about which search engine I'm talking about.

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