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Business websites often suffer from one (or both) of two problems:

  1. They aren't search engine friendly, meaning they aren't being indexed or ranked in the major search engines for the right keywords. This means they aren't getting enough visitors.
  2. They aren't user friendly, meaning they don't persuade people to take the next step of making contact with the business to find out more.

Our free, no-obligation website audit can help you unlock the potential of your website by identifying how you can improve your website to achieve higher search engine rankings and more website conversions.

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If your website is not delivering exceptional - or even acceptable - results, you're not alone. Thousands of business owners have invested time and money to get a website because they think a website will generate more business for them.

You're not wrong. A great website will have a dramatic impact on your business. A website designed to generate great results will receive lots of visitors and do an excellent job of converting those visitors to genuine leads for your business.

The problem is - most websites are not designed to generate great results.

In fact, they're often not designed with the goal of generating anything at all. And businesses like yours find themselves with a poor-to-average website without knowing why. Sure, your website budget was probably a little tight, but you didn't exactly say to your website designer "build me a mediocre website that doesn't generate any business", did you?

Yet we hear stories like these all the time:

"I got a friend's son to build my website. He knows a lot about computers, and the website he built looks OK. But I can't find my website in Google very easily, and I certainly don't think the phone rings any more than it did before I got the website.

"Our website was built by the company who design and print our brochures. They do a great job with printing, and the website looks pretty slick, but it just doesn't work that well. My friends tell me their website generates several enquiries a day. I'm lucky if I get one enquiry a week and even then it's often for something we don't even do.

If this sounds like you, don't despair! There's a good chance that the performance of your website can be dramatically improved.

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