Get a website for Christmas

Web design, Tauranga, New ZealandWe've reached that time of year - especially in the southern hemisphere where summer is fast approaching - when people have more than half an eye on Christmas. They're taking care of regular business, but are deferring major new projects until late January or early February when they get back from their summer holidays.

Sound like you? If so, read on....

If you are planning for your website to generate (more) business for you in 2010, but are putting your website project off until after the summer holidays (whether that be building a new website, upgrading your current website, or starting a campaign to promote your website), then you are essentially planning to miss out on some significant sales opportunities.


People come back from their summer holidays refreshed, with new ideas and plans for the new year. You know this - after all, it's the approach you're planning to take with your website, right? But they also come back ready to buy. The question is - will you be ready for them? More importantly, will your website be ready for them?

Any change to a website takes time to bed in. The search engines will take a while to notice and then index any changes you've made. With a new website, this will take even longer while the search engines figure you out and where to rank you.

That means that if you start your new web project in early February and allow a 6 week development timeline before you go live, you could be looking at mid-April before your website really starts to work for you. Yet you're going to have potential new customers out searching in January, February and March. No website means you're missing out .....

So if you are thinking of putting off your website development project until the new year, perhaps you ought to think again. There's still time to get a new website up and running by mid-January, particularly if you act now. Here at Website Results, we'll be working through Christmas and New Year to help our customers get their website live in time for when the holiday crowds head back to the office.

Give us a call now on 0800 126 222 to discuss how you can get your new website up and running in time for the start of the new business year, or contact us via email here.

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