Getting a website - Part 2: What does success look like?

This article is the second in our series on Getting a Website, designed to help you undertand the process of getting a website for your business, and make sound decisions that will result in more business from your new website. This article focuses on setting targets for your website that you can use to evaluate the success of your website once it is up and running.


Set clear, specific targets

Once you've decided why you should get a website, you need to decide how you will measure the success of your website.

Your targets should relate back to the reasons you want a website for your business.

  • If you want to generate sales leads through your website, you should set a target for the number of leads you want in a given time frame.
  • If you plan to sell products or services through your website, you should set a sales target within a time frame.

Decide how to get there

A good way to achieve your website targets is to set the target then work backwards to figure out what you need to do to reach that target. This process will highlight other targets you need to hit along the way - and help you decide if your target is realistic.

For example, let's say you set a target of generating 10 new sales leads per month from your website.

  • Sales is a numbers game, and you know that only some visitors to your website will turn into sales leads.
  • That means you will need more than 10 visitors per month to generate 10 sales leads. The question is - how many more?
  • For that, you need to estimate the likely conversion rate for your website.
  • Let's assume for this example that once your website is up and running, 1 in 20 visitors becomes a sales lead.
  • That means you need to get 200 visitors per month to your website in order to generate 10 new sales leads.

So, in order to achieve your primary target of 10 new sales leads per month, you now have two secondary targets:

  1. Generate 200 visitors to the site each month
  2. Convert 1 in 20 of those visitors to sales leads (i.e. 10 leads per month)

The high road or the low road?

Now you have to ask the question - are these targets realistic and achievable? And if not, what are you going to do about it?

You could choose to drop your targets so they're more achievable. If your primary target of 10 new sales leads per month is too ambitious, you could aim for 5 per month. That cuts both of the secondary targets in half (number of leads and number of conversions), hopefully to an achievable level.

Alternatively, you could figure out a way to hit the secondary targets.

  • You can increase the number of visitors to your site by promoting the site more heavily through search engine optimisation, paid advertising on other websites, and link building.
  • You can convert more visitors by optimising your website to improve your conversion rate.

Each of these then becomes a target in its own right that you need to break down into smaller targets. We'll talk more about each of these in later articles.

For now, you should have some ideas of how to set targets for your website. In the next article, we'll look at ways you can generate high levels of traffic to your new website.

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