Search Engine Optimisation

On the web, the equation is simple. To increase traffic to your website, you need a high search engine ranking - the higher the better. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, involves tuning a website to maximise your website's rankings in search engines.

Put simply, if you want results from your website, you need to perform search engine optimisation on your website - or have an expert SEO consultant do it for you. You have very little chance of high rankings without running an effective SEO campaign.

We provide a range of search engine optimisation services to help ensure your website ranks highly in all the major search engines for the keywords most relevant to your business

These services include:

We have a track record of success! Whether you already have a website, need a search-engine friendly website built for you, or are having a new website built by someone else, we know how to make your website hit the top ten – and stay there. Call us now on 0800 126 222 or find out more about our SEO services.

Free website audit

Before you spend a cent on search engine optimisation, get our free website audit that tells you what’s right and wrong with your website from an SEO perspective. We’ll highlight the key changes needed to significantly boost your search engine ranking and provide you with an action plan to make your website exceptional.

Search engine friendly website development

All our websites are designed from the ground up with search engines in mind. That means the website we build for you will appear in the search engines fast, and maximise your chances of achieving a high rank.

SEO consultancy and ongoing SEO campaigns

You want a website that generates lots of traffic. But you want that traffic to be high quality. Our SEO consultants work with you to ensure your website is aligned with your business and marketing objectives, and to develop a search engine campaign that sets your website up to generate the right traffic for your website.

Keyword strategy

Keyword selection and implementation is one of the most important activities in the whole SEO process. Our SEO consultants will devise a keyword strategy based on your business objectives that will maximise your search rankings and bring well-qualified visitors to your website.

This includes:

  • identifying where the wrong keywords are holding you back
  • selecting keywords that are relevant to your target audience
  • analysing how to incorporate those keywords into your website content
  • implementing the keyword strategy

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