Automated sitemap submission

Automated sitemap submission to the major search engines every day and every time your website changes

One of the techniques we use when developing a new website or performing search engine optimisation on an existing website is automated sitemap submission to the major search engines.

This is a surefire way for the search engines to find out about your website and any changes to it as they happen. If the search engines don't know your site exists, they can't index it - which means you won't appear in any search results, never mind make the first page.

We automatically submit an up-to-date sitemap to the major search engines on a regular basis, and whenever your website is updated. The sitemap provides a list of all the links on your site so the search engines don't have to figure out the structure of your site by themselves. That makes their job easier and helps stop them getting lost - which improves the chances of your whole site being fully indexed. That increases your chances of getting ranked more quickly in the search engines. Our experience is that changes to websites we've built are normally reflected in search results within 7-14 days.

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