Two Website Results customers score at Tauranga Business Awards

Mrs Website Results and I attended the 2009 Tauranga Business Awards recently, partly in support of two of our customers who had entered the awards, and partly to see what sort of a party the Chamber of Commerce can throw.

We were pleasantly surprised in both respects.

First, it was a great party - our congratulations and thanks to the team at the Chamber for such a great night.

Second, we were very pleased when both of our customers did well in the awards.

Food Gurus were placed as a Finalist in the Cooney Lees Morgan Emerging Business Award (well done Evan!). I reckon they should have won, but they were up against some tough competition from Repetoire.

Radford Software did even better, placing as a finalist in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award, and winning the United Travel Corporate Retail and Service Excellence Award. Our congratulations to Phil and the team for a well-deserved win!

I think we were the only website design company that had two customers in the finalists, so that was an extra bonus for the evening. We'll be looking to go one better in 2010 - and might even enter the awards ourselves.....

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