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“I want a website that will generate more business” 

Designing a great looking website is one thing. Designing a great looking website that attracts lots of visitors and helps convert those visitors to leads or sales takes a little more effort.

If you are choosing a website design partner to build your website, make sure the companies on your shortlist understand not just how to build your website, but also how to ensure it is designed from day one to generate great results. Do they understand search engine optimisation - and can they demonstrate a successful track record of getting websites onto the front page of the major search engines? Do they understand how to analyse your website traffic and recommend how to improve and test the usability of your website?

We are passionate about designing great websites for our customers that deliver real business results.

For us, designing a website is only part of the story. We don't leave the drawing board until we understand your business, your marketing strategy, your products and services, your value proposition and, most importantly, what you want to achieve with your website.

Your website objectives should align with your business and marketing objectives. You should set targets that will help you determine whether your objectives are being met. Both your objectives and your targets should be clear, quantifable and measurable, and you should evaluate your success on the web in the same way that you would evauate the success of a sales person by comparing actual performance against your targets. In fact - you could think about your website as being the cheapest and potentially most productive sales person you ever hired!

If you're not exactly sure what you want to achieve, or might be able to achieve, we can help you develop a realistic set of objectives and targets so you have a benchmark against which to measure the actual performance of your website once it is live.

Search engine optimisation is essential to building a website that generates results.

Anything you read about website design and development should also discuss search engine marketing, search engine optimisation and paid advertising. These activities focus on increasing the number of people visiting your website. If done properly, they should also ensure that the increase in visitors is also an increase in people who are actually looking for what you offer.

If you're talking to a website designer about a website, make sure they understand how to design a website that is built to generate traffic for your website from day one. And if they can't explain how they do this and demonstrate results for other customers, keep looking.

The websites we build for our customers are built from the ground up to be search-engine friendly, and many of the laborious tasks associated with search enging optimisation are automated so you only have to worry about making sure you've got great content on your website. Call us now on 0800 126 222 to discuss your website project and get a quick estimate of the investment required for your website project.

A website can be popular and still fail to generate results.

What do you with your visitors once they get to your site? Hopefully it's not like the retail shop with lots of promise .... and no sales assistants. A website that doesn't convert visitors simply isn't doing its job.

Make sure that your website is designed to convert visitors to customers by persuading them to take some form of action that indicates they are interested in what you are offering, such as calling you, completing a contact form, printing a location map, signing up for a newsletter or, in the case of an ecommerce site, making a purchase. These steps should be easy to follow and so intuitive that the visitor doesn't even have to think about what they're doing.

When choosing a web design company, make sure your shortlist is focused on how your new website will convert visitors to customers. If they're more interested in how pretty they can make your website, keep looking.

Our web designs are built with conversion in mind. Call us on 0800 126 222 to discuss how we can build you a website which goes a great job of converting your visitors to customers or contact us to get more information about how we can design a website with great conversion potential.

We offer a range of website development services and packages that are designed to fit all budgets

Our services include website design and development, ecommerce, email marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimisation, online advertising, and website usability testing. And all of our websites are build on a content management system, meaning that you can have complete control over updating and expanding your website without having to come back to us for every small change.

Whatever your requirements, we can help you achieve better website results and get more business from your website.

To find out more about our website design and development services, call us now on 0800 126 222 (+64 7985 6222 if outside New Zealand) or contact us for more information about how we can help you get more business from your website.

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