SCAPE Biennial 2010

Web design portfolio: SCAPE Biennial website screenshot

SCAPE Biennial is an fixture on the Christchurch art scene. Every two years, SCAPE brings together contemporary artists from around the world to produce outdoor artworks that are exhibited on the streets of Christchurch for two months from September to October. Some of these artworks are permanent, while others are only there for the duration of SCAPE for that year. The initial reason for our involvement in the SCAPE website project was to provide a new software system for contact management and fundraising in the form of CiviCRM, the open-source constituent management system designed specifically for non-profits.
However, because CiviCRM is web-based, it made sense for us to also re-design the SCAPE website using Drupal, a content management system that integrates very tightly with CiviCRM. We partnered with 21 Degrees on the visual design of the website, and built the site using the tools available in Drupal and CiviCRM.

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